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We specialize in Manufacturing Unique Solutions for our Partners- from custom metal manufacturing designings to special-purpose Technologies. We also assist businesses in optimizing their goals and purposes through personalized support.

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We deliver metal manufacturing solutions with technology and lean methods. We enhance efficiency, quality, and scalability.

About us

we are a family of contract manufacturing organizations that sources and expands upon our combined network to improve our list of services.

Our History

Founded in 1998, we are a private equity owned organization focused on providing a wide variety of Engineered manufacturing services. in 2018 we have grown to 5 facilities across the U.S. and be closer to you.

Our Value

we will provide a vast array of solutions under one platform. effectively utilizing data, technology and lean practices to achieve our partners objectives.

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The Manufacturing Process

We actively deliver engineered solutions on demand through the utilization of technology-enabled and lean methodologies. We serve as your one-stop shop for metal manufacturing services nearby, thanks to our solutions-oriented approach. Our custom manufacturing process involves identifying strategic improvements and adopting a solution-oriented mindset for our partners. The White Rock Manufacturing Solutions team actively engages in specific procedures and steps within existing manufacturing processes to offer genuinely effective options.
We’ve got you covered, and we don’t settle for merely providing our partners with custom solutions; our goal is to genuinely meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Count on us to address your requirements, and we will devise business solutions that streamline your operations and enhance efficiency.

our strengths

We offer a wide range of manufacturing services, serving as an “Only one-stop shop” to fulfill your metal manufacturing requirements conveniently located near you. Our expertise lies in our capacity to deliver innovative solutions tailored to meet our partners’ distinct needs. Our team of experienced engineers and designers is constantly prepared to craft custom solutions, guaranteeing the efficient and cost-effective production of the highest quality products.

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White Rock Manufacturing Solutions commits to delivering long-term manufacturing solutions that save you and your business money over time. We offer the option to repeat any mechanical processes or custom manufacturing products you commission with us, eliminating the need for one-offs and ensuring consistent cost savings.
As a highly experienced and technically qualified contract manufacturing solutions provider, White Rock Manufacturing Solutions stands ready to provide the solutions you need for any problem. Make the smart choice today by choosing White Rock Manufacturing Solutions.

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