Additive Manufacturing

White Rock Manufacturing Solutions leverages this innovative technology adding to our partners a fresh perspective in the design, construction, and implementation of various manufactured components. Represents a significant shift in the approach to industrial, industrial production, offering the possibility of creating lighter, stronger components and systems.


3D printing service has the ability to fabricate structures previously unattainable. One particularly beneficial aspect of this modeling is its cost-effectiveness and simplicity, making it ideal for the creation of prototypes.

3D Printing Service

The process of stereolithography (SLA) service employs a specialized resin and a laser to scan the built platform, the materials used are uniform pieces, providing homogeneity throughout the part, thereby leading to increased strength.

SLA 3D Printing Service

Laser sintering  Service is ideal for producing unique and complex components using materials such as stainless steel, titanium and other steel alloys. HAS THE ability to create intricate inner structures, leading to lighter and stronger final products.

Laser Sintering Service

The principle of additive manufacturing (AM) is the capability to fabricate custom pieces that cannot be achieved using conventional subtractive manufacturing techniques through the utilization of (am) methods.

white rock manufacturing solutions provides a comprehensive suite of additive services, tailored for every partner. This ensures the delivery of quality parts in a quick turnaround time with minimal waste.

white rock manufacturing solutions invests in the latest and most advanced equipment on the market. This allows us to provide precise and cost-effective solutions tailored to specific needs.

With experienced engineers and technicians, white rock manufacturing solutions is committed to providing superior services that meet our partners expectations every time. The team is motivated, talented and passionate about delivering in a timely manner.

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At White Rock Manufacturing Solutions we offer a variety of additive manufacturing services. selective laser sintering (SLS) Services, 3D printing Services laser sintering metal services. 

These technologies are used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive and healthcare to create complex designs and parts with high accuracy and speed. White Rock Manufacturing Solutions can provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our partners, from prototyping to manufacturing finished products.


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Additive manufacturing services with White Rock Manufacturing Solutions allows you to create custom parts and components in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. With 3D printing, you can build anything from simple parts to complex components, all with the same high precision and quality.

We use modern CAD/CAM software to design parts with precision and accuracy.

There are a wide variety of materials that can be used in the manufacturing industry for 3D printing, ranging from metals and plastics to composites & ceramics. Depending on the application.

White Rock Manufacturing Solutions follows strict quality control guidelines and uses sophisticated tools to ensure accuracy and reliability during the machining process.

The duration of each project depends on the complexity of the part being machined as well as the number of pieces produced. Generally, most jobs range from 4-8 weeks for completion.

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